Bankruptcy: When Should I Just File BK?

Bankruptcy provides the debtor with a fresh start and may be the best option for you depending upon your circumstances.  A bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure of your home, save your car from repossession, keep your wages from getting garnished, and stop other creditor actions.  In most cases, one can file bankruptcy and their home and car.  After bankruptcy, there will be an opportunity for you to rebuild your credit as long as you are able make good on your future obligations.

When considering bankruptcy, a lot of people worry about the result it would have on their credit.  The truth is though, that by the time most people seriously consider bankruptcy, their credit score has already hit near bottom.  Therefore, usually bankruptcy increases one’s credit score because the bankruptcy discharge dramatically improves the filer’s debt-to-income ratio.

Ask yourself this question: If you continue to pay the minimum payments on your unsecured debts each month, will your financial situation improve over the next 5 years?  Or, will you still be captive to your debts in 2, 3, 5 or even 10 into the future?  Call attorney Richard Komisars at (619) 888-8272 in order to find out if you should just file BK.

Affordable payment plans are available.